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Welcome to the Peace Corps/Mongolia.

Peace Corps Mongolia maintains an office in the capital Ulaanbaatar.  From this location, 30 Peace Corps staff members provide a variety of services to support the Volunteers scattered throughout Mongolia.  The Country Director is directly responsible for the coordination and management of the various sections described below:

Programming:  Under the supervision of the Programming and Training Officer (PTO), the Program Managers and Program Assistants in this section work in collaboration with Mongolian governmental and non-governmental agencies to develop appropriate job sites for PCVs before they finish pre-service training.  They also maintain close contact with supervisors, counterparts and PCVs throughout their service in order to ensure that their efforts are supported.  They assist Volunteers with technical and logistical support, project design and management support for secondary projects and monitoring of PCV progress through site visits and written reports.

Training:  Also under the supervision of the PTO, the training section plans, coordinates, implements and evaluates all PCV training activities including Pre-Service Training, In-Service Training, Completion of Service preparation and on-going language training through individual tutors.

Administration:  Supervised by an Administrative Officer, this section performs four major functions- finance, information technology, general services, and administrative support.  The Admin Officer is also responsible for the coordination of the receptionist and office security guards.  Each section is described below:

Finance: The finance section is responsible for budgeting and budget control as well as payment of all bills and collection of debts.  These are made by electronic funds transfers or in cash by the cashier.  This section is also responsible for contracts and leases.

General Services:  The GS office is responsible for the equipment and supplies that PC owns as well as any property that it leases.  This includes PC property in the custody of PCVs such as water distillers, heaters, sleeping bags, etc.  It is also responsible for vehicle scheduling, mail services, purchasing and maintaining an accurate inventory.

Administrative Support: Admin support is responsible for Volunteer records, travel authorizations, airline tickets and reservations, and a variety of general support functions.

Medical Unit:  Two full-time medical practitioners (currently 1 RN and 1 FNP/PA) provide all PCVs with the first line of preventative and curative health care.  With the aid of a full-time medical assistant, they provide regular physical exams, immunizations, medical supplies and health advice as well as responding to Volunteers’ needs related to illnesses and accidents.

Safety and Security:  PC Mongolia has a full-time Safety and Security Coordinator (SSC) to ensure that PCVs are safe from and prepared for, fire, natural disasters, political turmoil, crimes and other unforeseen activities that may cause personal injury or loss.  The SSC inspects PCV housing, is a liaison with local and national law enforcement authorities and emergency management agencies.  The SSC is responsible for emergency planning and the regular testing of these plans.

Peace Corps Volunteer Coordination Unit:  This section is staffed by two current Peace Corps Volunteers who have extended and are serving a third year.  They spend half their time on their primary Volunteer jobs and the other half assisting the PC office with Volunteer relations.  They are responsible for Staff and PCV publications, coordination of the Volunteer Advisory Committee (VAC), as well as facilitating the free flow of information between staff and Volunteers.  They provide advice and feedback to staff on a wide variety of issues from a Volunteer perspective.

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It may be a child using English more than before or an older man taking interest in why you speak his native tongue. One thing is for sure, the Peace Corps experience never stops. Volunteer in Mongolia